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Alcohol and the workplace

As far back as 1994 a survey of Personnel Directors stated that 90% of them believed alcohol consumption was an issue in their company, 17% a major issue. Nearly 25 years on and these figures are still being published by the HSE and our experience over this time has mirrored this. Alcohol abuse has a […]

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Personality and Addiction

Many years ago, while working in a community drug and alcohol service I was helping a gentleman who had recently lost his driving license due to a conviction for driving while under the influence of alcohol. He had been referred to me by the custody sergeant at the police station for two sessions of advice support […]

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Causes of Addiction

It could well be argued that if addiction “exists” anywhere, it exists in the amygdala. The amygdala is the brain’s integrative centre for emotions, emotional behaviour, and motivation. It is about the size and shape of an almond and located deep and medially within the temporal lobes of the brain. It has been shown in […]

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