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My dream – The Hygrove? – Stuart Croft, Registered Manager

My dream – The Hygrove? – Stuart Croft, Registered Manager

I have always said that if I won the lottery I would open a rehab and it would be in the countryside, with fishing, horse riding, and a beautiful old manor house. So, becoming registered manager at The Hygrove feels rather like winning the lottery.

It is a rare privilege, whatever your profession, to have the opportunity to break new ground, to move the profession forward. Just as Kurt Hahn and Rudolf Steiner did in education, we believe that our work at The Hygrove represents a significant reframing of how we think about what it means to recover from the impact that drugs and alcohol can have on your life as well as the lives of loved ones.

For those who become members of The Hygrove it is true to say that, no matter how dysfunctional and damaging, their drug of choice has played a significant role in their life. If we take that away without helping them to find something else, something more fulfilling, to fill the gap, to what degree have we really helped?

At The Hygrove our programme is about finding balance in life. The framework we use is “The Five Ways to Wellbeing” but it is never far from our mind that in other cultures; ayervedic, shamanic, Buddhist or native American, it is balance in life that preserves health and wellbeing.

Your stay at The Hygrove will give you the time, space and support you need to start laying the foundation stones of a more balanced, wholehearted and fulfilled experience of life and a sense of innate health and wellbeing. Like Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound and The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, we want to awaken in our members a curiosity about the world and encourage a journey of self-discovery. This is often best achieved not only through therapies but also through encountering the natural world and facing physical challenges, through mindful reflection, creativity and self-expression.  Just as important according to Kurt Hahn, are collaboration with and compassion and empathy for, others. Rudolf Steiner placed value on experiential learning, again rooted in creativity and engagement with the environment and the natural world. These approaches to experiential learning inform our approach to recovery at The Hygrove.

With 31 bedrooms, and members joining and leaving The Hygrove community each week, no two groups of people will ever be the same. For that reason, no two weeks at The Hygrove will ever be the same. The weeks therapeutic work and the activities and challenges will be tailored to the needs and interest of those who are with us at any given moment.

The Hygrove is like an exclusive hotel and spa nestled in the Gloucestershire countryside. Your lifestyle while with us will be one of comfort and luxury with fine dining in immaculate surroundings. Whatever we can do to enhance your experience here, we will.

Your stay brings with it a years membership; ongoing support, access to an online forum and therapeutic resources, exclusive national and international events and retreats. Membership is also available to family and friends and enables you to stay in regular contact with a support network of other members.

Through this blog you will learn more about our approach and about the therapeutic and lifestyle opportunities that membership of The Hygrove brings.

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