Your Team at The Hygrove will include:

  • Specialist doctor and nurses
  • Recovery practitioners
  • Lifestyle and activity co-ordination
  • Booking team
  • Support practitioners
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Catering team
  • Specialist therapists and counsellors.

The Hygrove prides itself on excellence in clinical delivery, ensuring that all clients receive the best possible clinical assessment and prescribing treatments. We employ a range of specialist consultants, doctors and nurses highly experienced in the management and treatment of substance misuse, mental health and disorders.

The team have been carefully selected to ensure that have a good range of skills and expertise, whilst at the same time ensuring every team member lives up to our standards in care, compassion and respect for our members and their families.

Our Recovery Workers are dedicated experts in the field of addictions and addiction treatments. Everyone has extensive experience in the delivery of treatment and interventions for addictions and some have specialist subject areas.

We aim to match you to the right dedicated worker during your stay. Your worker will work closely with you to develop and monitor your detailed Recovery Action Plan and built this around your needs.

Each week, your Recovery Worker will ensure that you meet for a one-to-one discussion about the progress you are making on your Recovery Plan.

This keywork session will help you review what you have achieved so far, plan your next steps, organise your next therapies and start to develop a plan in preparation for your discharge home.

Our Recovery Support Workers are committed to ensuring that your stay with us is packed with support for you. Our dedicated support workers are on duty every day and will ensure that all your daily needs are being met and will support you with a large range of practical matters or help you with your personal care needs.

Each of our support workers are an integral member of the team and will support your daily medication and health needs, whilst ensuring that you are able to enjoy the most comfortable stay and make the most of our facilities.

Visiting Therapists

At The Hygrove we believe that a varied and mixed programme of therapy provides you with the best possible range of services that can be arranged to suit your needs.

From holistic therapists, to specialist counsellors, art and music therapists to yoga and mindfulness experts; we will have just what you need to support your full package of care. Each of these specialists are booked to visit our centre each week. Your Recovery Worker will look at the range of services to match your plan and ensure that these are organised into your weekly timetable.


At The Hygrove, we understand that behind every client with an addiction is a close family member or friend who they themselves are struggling with the devastating impact that dependency to drug or alcohol can have on everyone’s life.

After years of battling with addiction and its destructive effects, families and relationships are left stretched to breaking point with many years of untold hurt and anguish. To achieve a full and meaningful recovery with our clients, it is essential that we are able to support their wider family; Providing them with the support and guidance they need to help make recovery for their loved one a success and to rebuild the lives of those most effected by their drug or alcohol use.

Access to telephone support for any family member before, during and after the member’s treatment programme is available. For some people, this is just enough and can help during those times when things get difficult; but for others, the impact of the addiction has made its mark and repairing relationships and supporting change in behaviour may mean that more intense family intervention is needed.

Family and friends or employers are also welcome to become members of The Hygrove which provides access to events and our lifestyle programme as well as online support and resources.

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