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Recognising that you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs is the first step on the road to recovery and to getting the support you need to rebalance your life and look towards the future.

The Hygrove offers a residential sanctuary for you to retreat and focus on your recovery. We are with you every step of the way to ensure a successful and lasting rehabilitation allowing you to reconnect and renew your life and relationships.

Our rehabilitation programmes include a mixture of individual therapy, group sessions (not for everyone) and leisure activities to support your full recovery and renewal.

We offer an exclusive membership which starts from your booking and lasts a minimum of a year. This gives you access to guidance and resources during your stay and beyond and includes a full range of lifestyle services to make your time with us as easy as possible. It also offers a concierge and full events and leisure activities package.


Our team are happy to talk to you to access your requirements and see if The Hygrove is right for you.

Contact our booking team on 0800 182 2121 or email if you want to discuss an intervention or need advice.

Drug and alcohol addiction counsellors, therapy, bespoke treatments


If you have any queries or would like to talk to a member of the team in more detail, please complete the details below and we will get back to you very shortly.